How does Aurus help address pain points in your specific environment?

  • Open office spaces, Co-working spaces and contemporary office designs offer increased flexibility but also demand secure personal storage solutions. Aurus offers a range of simple standalone locks in PIN and RFID options. You can even Your or the Access control RFID card* to unlock your cabinet or drawer.
  • Shared Lockers are easily managed by using the locks in Public mode option. This allows companies to save on precious real estate space and ensures elimination of Locker hogging.
  • Where audit trails are necessary Aurus has the off-line and online locker locks with a complete management software.
  • At Home you have to keep safe your daily valuables like wallets, credit cards, jewellery, liquor and much more. You need to keep children away Medicines, adult possessions, to manage several small keys to bedside drawers, cabinets and cupboards and you are most likely to leave a drawer open and compromise security in favour of convenience.
  • Aurus Smart Furniture locks make sure your daily valuable are secured effortlessly. Just push shut the drawer/cabinet and unlock with your fingerprint. If you want to grant unlock access to your cabinet to someone at home while you are away, then the BLE 51 Bluetooth lock does the job perfectly. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Easily manage assignment of student lockers using our PIN or RFID locks or a combination of both. The locks can be used in either fixed mode or free mode.
  • Secure and manage the Changing room lockers, Staff lockers in the same way.
Health & Fitness
  • Take customer experience to a new level with RFID and PIN locks.
  • Guests existing RFID membership card can be used.
  • Locks can be used in Free mode to optimize locker use and save on precious floor space.
  • Suitable for metal or wooden lockers.
  • Safely lock-up sensitive, expensive or dangerous medicines.
  • Secure Nurse stations and ensure smooth shift handover.
  • Manage storage Space, Patient room, mobile medical carts and examination rooms securely.
  • Keep patient data confidential with our secure locking solutions.
  • Easily secure expensive or controlled items.
  • Make customer experience smooth by avoiding searching for or fumbling over keys.
  • Get offline data trail where necessary.
  • Enhance in-room guest experience by providing secure drawer locking.
  • Lockers in Spas can use Locks in Free mode and unlock with RFID wristband or PIN locks to give their guest the 5 star experience.
  • Staff lockers can be managed with our cost-effective RFID locks.
  • Manage Staff Lockers.
  • Secure tools and components easily.
  • Keep employees mobiles safely in mobile lockers while they are on the shop floor.
  • We offer tailor made solutions for online and off-line storage locking solutions.
  • Keep confidential documents safe.

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